FinTech Focus

FinTech Focus is a three-week immersive program designed for incoming college freshmen with an interest in finance, computer science and technology. 

For this four-day assignment, worked closely with Upperline Code and its five partners: Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo to structure the landing page experience and create a unique visual language to attract top candidates.


Client: Upperline Code
Services: Visual Language, Creative Direction, Responsive Website Design


Visual Language & Tone

Work closely with Upperline Code and the five financial institute partners to create a visual language that does not compete with their company’s branding, and brings youthful, creative energy to the program.


Responsive Website Design

The assignment was to create a single landing page for the target audience to register for the program, and a poster for promotional purposes. The visual language of FinTech Focus needed to be simple and neutral to not compete with partner company’s branding.


Concept 1


Final Design