Glossy is a new publication from Digiday Media that charts the seismic activity tearing through the fashion and luxury space. Its target audience are fashion houses, retailers, media, and platforms.

This scope of this 5 week assignment included: brand strategy, visual identity system, UI, and website design. Special consideration was given to the frequency of story publication and its wordpress build.


Client: Digiday Media
Services: Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Product Design


Brand Strategy & Identity

Working with Digiday's CEO Nick Friese and editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey to define Glossy's branding. This included the brand's mission, core promise, audience, personality, and its relationship to the Digiday masterbrand. In addition, create a brand identity that is fashion industry focused.


Responsive Website Design

Working with the editor-in-chief to define content strategy, frequency of publishing and events to establish a site structure and design. As fashion is a highly visual audience, special attention was paid the use of imagery and a flexible article template structure to accommodate visual storytelling. We also elevated "Hot Topics" to be highly visible to create focus around the most buzzed topics for the users.