Legere Platform

Legere is a content platform that aggregates social media activity for a brand, an industry, a genre into one shop-able app.

Developed for LOU Lookbook, Hunting Season offered it as a white label product for clients who want to take advantage of the platform's infrastructure and rapid publishing capabilities. Responsibility for this product include business development and pitches, and crafting unique brand strategy, original conceptual designs, and content strategy for potential clients in CPG companies, publishers and arts organizations.


Client: Hunting Season
Services: Creative Strategy, Content Strategy, Creative Direction, Product Design


Unilever Hair Pitch

Unilever owns multiple hair products in the US which targeted everyone from women on a budget to professional grade. There are 100s of great sources for hair inspiration & how-to’s on social media, the goal is for Unilever to own the hair conversation by creating a personalized, shoppable app.


The Metropolitan Opera Pitch

Engage opera lovers and foster new audience relationship with a product that helps them stay up-to-date with their favourite artists, composers, productions, and companies. With easy access to buy tickets or download an album instantly.


Lincoln Center Jazz Pitch

Jazz is a live art form that continues to have an enormous influence on art and culture. The goal is to take Jazz out of its perceived ivory tower and bring music lovers content from all over the world and across artistic disciplines. From art to dance, film to fashion.


FIFA (concept)

Proof of concept work to show how Legere can be applicable to varied subject matters.


The Economist's Intelligent Life Pitch

The Economist's Intelligent Life product is a bi-monthly magazine that targets a sophisticated European audience with an eye towards the lifestyle category. Legere helps bring together various subject matters, journalists and artists that continues engaging the audience between publications.