NYU Langone

Engaged by Apartment One for the conceptual product design of NYU Langone's patient in-room experience. The three components of the experience needed to work seamlessly together: room remote, Android tablet, and TV. Working within the restrictions of OneView, an out of the box solution, craft designs that extends the hospital's branding and address the patient's needs . Responsibility include visual branding and product design.


Client: NYU Langone
Agency: Apartment One
Services: Product Design


Establishing Look & Feel

Drawing inspiration from in-flight, gaming, and tv entertainment systems, working within the framework of OneView to create a fresh and user friendly design to express NYU Langone brand as New York City's premier medical facility.


Direction 1: New York Insider

This direction celebrates the city we know and love through the eyes of a local. We highlight locations in and around the city that New Yorkers, young and old, love to gather. We chose a transparent and utilitarian interface for this direction to put the focus on the information being served, as well as allow the warmth of the backgrounds to come through. The palette is intentionally monochromatic as it serves a specific, wayfinding purpose and shouldn’t distract from the overall experience.


Direction 2: Abstract Nature

This direction balances the warmth and beauty of nature with the refined luxury of the frosted glass interface. We focused on a transparent interface to allow the photography to shine through without muddying the content. The selection of images creates a sense of calm and serenity while serving up critical information in a non-obtrusive manner. The design is intentionally monochromatic and focuses on calling out important functions or in this case, buttons.


Direction 3: Focus on Information

In this direction, color plays a pivotal role in conveying the mood of the direction and calling out important information. This approach is more bold yet functional in how the palette sets a clean background for the content to shine. The gradient of color in each direction communicates a feeling of warmth and movement with a palette of colors that is fresh and bright. The boxes take a gentle nod from the current careboard box style utilized at NYUMC. In the future, the color could change and shift to match the time of day; i.e. pink and orange for dawn, yellow to green for mid-day, green to blue for dusk, and blue to royal blue for late evening.