Upperline Code

Upperline Code provides computer science education to students ages 11-18. Its mission is to make computer science education accessible to all students regardless of race, gender, or income. In 2018, their partnerships resulted in financial aid for 37% of its students.

Engaged by the founder of Upperline, the assignment is to refresh the branding and redesign its website to reflect the company's expansion into B2B services with educator training, CS program design & implementation for schools, non-profits, and businesses.

This 2-week project include research, brand strategy, visual identity refresh, and website design of four core templates.




Client: Upperline Code
Services: Research, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Website Design


Brand Strategy

The goal of the exercise is to identify opportunities within the competitive landscape, and define a brand print to help Upperline Code pivot into a B2C & B2B company. Working with the client, conducted target audience & competitive landscape research, and a deep dive audit of its website & content to clarify the company's products & services.  


Visual Identity

The original visual identity was designed for a student audience (ages 11-18). The refreshed design kept Upperline's core DNA and evolve it to appeal to the schools, non-profit, and business audiences. Warm colours and patterns derived from logomark design were introduced to create is bold & modern identity.


Website Design

Simplify and restructure the website to clarify Upperline's positioning and surface its B2B offering. Work included site structure, wireframe & design of 4 core templates for the website experience.


Visual Guidelines

A comprehensive visual guideline was created to spec logo usage, visual identity, and website.